March 15th, 2024

Cody Ward |

 First, a joke:

knock knock…






…knock knock knock knock knock knock knock…


And now, a plea


Won’t you please consider the best way to roll with the punches with me?


That sound you hear has to do with our house being attacked with hammers and such.

Granted, we (Katdog and I) requested this temporary nuisance when we decided to hire a crew to build an addition, but it’s still peppering us with plenty of curveballs in the meantime.


We’re going along with it by keeping two reminders front and center:


1) the juice will be well worth the squeeze

2) we can only control what we can control


Anyway, feel welcome to share your thoughts by sending a brief note to

Thanks for your time and may you have a swell rest of the day!

Cody L. Ward