About Leeway Planning

Strategic financial planning for six-figure earners ready to build financial security, freedom, and generational wealth.


How it works

Hiring Leeway Planning requires mutual agreement on the framework for a working relationship:

* Define the scope, expectations, and terms of a financial planning engagement

* Leverage the 7-Step Financial Planning Process with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner

* Understand the costs, recommended solutions, and responsibilities along the way 



  • Why Leeway Planning?

    Leeway Planning's guiding philosophy is “Process Over Outcomes” -- in other words, let's avoid “putting the cart before the horse.”

    While it's important to have clarity on desired outcomes, prioritizing effective systems and processes allow the opportunity for favorable outcomes to naturally and sustainably produce themselves.

    On the other hand, dialing in on a preferred outcome without understanding which activities to prioritize can result in more frequent and/or more painful headaches.

    In short, focusing on the what without considering the how probably won't lead the way to long-term success.


  • How do clients pay?

    Clients receive an invoice on the following Monday for work completed during the current week at an agreed-upon rate prior to moving forward.

    The typical rate is between $200 and $400 per hour based on case complexity.

    The rate will be applied in 15-minute increments in favor of the client.

    Using the easy-access AdvicePay Client Portal, clients enter their own financial information, approve payments, and make any account changes throughout the course of an agreement.

    Payments are processed via ACH, debit card, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover).

    The implementation of recommendations may lead to additional costs. If the recommendations are implemented with the help of Cody L. Ward, all costs will be thoroughly discussed. Implementation responsibilities will be discussed and reviewed as needed.

    Clients are under no obligation to implement recommendations.


    Each office of The Lincoln Investment Companies has its own fee schedule. Therefore, the cost for similar services by another office may be higher or lower than the fee schedule shown here. Fees may also vary with complexity of the case or the scope of the services provided. If you choose to implement your financial plan through us, the financial professional will act as agent for the broker-dealer, Lincoln Investment and/or agent for any insurance company with whom the financial professional may affiliate. Security recommendations will be limited to products offered by the broker-dealer. Although you always have the ability to purchase security products through other brokers or dealers, the fee schedule for our services has been structured with the understanding that our clients will implement financial product recommendation through our firm.
  • What are the key areas of your financial plan?

    There are 6 key areas of your financial plan:

    1. Your numbers: The quantitative data organized in a way that helps you understand your financial circumstances.
    2. Estate Planning: The strategies that allow you to know what happens with your finances if/when you aren't able to decide for yourself.
    3. Risk Management: How you address the risks that pose the greatest threats to your financial success.
    4. Saving & Investing: The strategies that help you grow and protect assets that have been earmarked for certain goals
    5. Tax Planning: Your approach to paying a tax liability that isn't more than it should be.
    6. Financial Purpose: The philosophies that fuel the strategies in each key area