March 8th, 2024

Cody Ward |

First, a joke:


How do you track Will Smith after a snowstorm?





By following the fresh prints.


And now, a plea

Please help me strengthen the connection between the profession of financial planning and the following principle borrowed from the world of medicine:


Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.


The way I see it, "prescription" of financial advice/products before having a solid grasp of the current circumstances is a lot like putting the cart a SpaceX rocket before the horse.

If this principle were widely adopted, the world would be a different (dare I say better?) place.

For now, I'll settle on infusing Leeway Planning with it by combining great technology with an effective process that begins with "Understanding" — Step 1 of the CFP Board's 7-Step Financial Planning Process.

Anyway, feel welcome to share your thoughts by sending a brief note to

Thanks for your time and may you have a swell rest of the day!

Cody L. Ward