March 1st, 2024

Cody Ward |

First, a joke:

What happened before the invention of the crowbar?





Crows had to do their drinking at home.

And now, a plea

Please consider what it means to be "rich."

Do you agree with Oxford's definitions?
1) Having a great deal of money or assets
2) Plentiful; abundant

I ask because of a curiosity about HENRY, another trendy personal finance acronym -- High-Earner, Not Rich Yet.

The idea that you could have a high income and not be rich "yet" seems to point to at least three implications:
1) The existence of a level -- below it, you are not rich, and above it, you are rich
2) What should be measured if this level is unrelated to income?

If your answer concerns "net worth," that would be reasonable -- then what does that level look like?

I'd bet it's different from HENRY to HENRY, but the third implication is my favorite...

3) The presence of the word "yet" evokes the idea that this level (however you choose to define it) is reachable -- now that's an idea I can get behind! 

Anyway, please feel welcome to share your thoughts by sending a brief note to if you’d like!

Thanks for your time and may you have a swell rest of the day.

Cody L. Ward