January 26th

Cody Ward |

First, a joke:


Why is Peter Pan always flying?




Because he Neverlands — The great thing about this joke is that it never gets old 😉


And now, a plea:


What does it even mean to “have your money work for you” ?

If you ask me, the answer to this question rests on the assumption that you consistently spend less than you earn. Otherwise, you might find yourself caught up in a vicious cycle of easy-come-easy-go (at best) or free falling into an endless pit of debt (at worst).

By maintaining a position of spending less than you earn, you may find that you have a bit of *leeway* before you know it!

If this is your situation, you may want to shift focus to understanding the strategies around what to do with money in order to avoid the personal finance pitfalls that were mentioned above.

This means you’ll need to intentionally assign jobs to the money you earn — especially if you want to justify the reasonable expectation that your money should produce even more money.

*Side bar* — trouble might crop up if the primary goal in life becomes making money just for the sake of making money.

Either way, if you aren’t dedicating time to decisions around which jobs to assign your money, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will assume it’s natural role and slip away like the grains of sand in an hour glass.

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Thanks for your time and have a swell rest of the day.


Cody L. Ward