December 29th, 2023

Cody Ward |

First, a joke:

My wife and I took our son to see Disney on Ice this week. Unfortunately, Aladdin wasn’t there and I’ll tell you why not…


He was banned when they found out he was using performance enchanting rugs!

And now, a plea:

Please consider this idea from James Clear (author of Atomic Habits):


You don't rise to the level of your goals.

You fall to the level of your systems.


The book is amazing and worthy of a spot on shelves all over the map — but reckoning with ^this^ idea alone might have enough of an impact all by itself!

Big whoop if you have a goal of eating better, exercising more, or getting a firm grip on your financial plan…

If you won’t find and follow effective processes that systematically break your lofty goals down to digestible bites, your path likely won’t change that much moving forward!

As we reflect on the year that has happened, and look forward to an entirely new year, may we continue to find and follow better systems.

As always, please feel welcome to share your thoughts by sending a brief note to if you’d like!

Thank you for your time and bring on 2024!



Cody L. Ward