December 6th, 2023

Cody Ward |

First, a joke:

You know what I said when my wife asked me to please stop singing my favorite song by Oasis -- "Wonderwall" ?


I said, "maayyyyyyyybbeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

And now, a plea:

May I ask you to consider the most important money-related lesson you'd like to share with future generations?

Some experts claim that kids can understand personal finance concepts as early as three years old!

As the parent of an almost-two year old, I'm thinking about this more and more often.

For now, it feels like enough to help him learn that tradeoffs are everywhere -- choosing to pick up the green crayon, for example, is also a choice to put the red crayon down.

He's usually more interested in drawing a new sea turtle or baby shark than an economics lesson, though...

Please feel welcome to share your answer to the question with me by sending a brief note to if you’d like!

Anyway, thanks for your time and may the rest of your day be swell.


Cody L. Ward